Podcast of Conversation with Occupy Democrats

We are pleased to post a link to the podcast of a conversation between members of the Revote 2017 team, their attorney and Occupy Democrats.Β  This should help to answer some questions about what Revote 2017 is doing.


The plan to host a live video conversation on March 17 ran into some technical issues.Β  So those members of the team who had gathered, went out to record their conversation at a local studio. We will post that video here as soon as it is ready. Once again, we send our apologies to everyone who stood by waiting to hear the conversation. Please continue to check back on this page for the video we hope will be posted soon.

16 thoughts on “Conversation with Revote 2017 Team (video posted soon)

    1. We are all impatient but, unfortunately, we still do not know what happened today at the Supreme Court. Whatever they did, it was in a closed session. We assure you, we will post an update as soon as we know. We will also send out an email directly to those who have signed up on our website. (And Ray, thank you for the “typo” heads up!)

      1. Thanks for your response. I’m not impatient, but I’ve been pushing this to my “friends” and I was hoping to be able to provide something of an update to them. No problem waiting.

  1. We realize that Monday is the timeline for their decision. What I’m interested to know is whether the SCOTUS members were inquisitive, and if their questions lead you to believe they’re concerned about the situation, or whether they sounded defensive that citizens are involving another branch of government (judicial) when the legislative and executive branches are already conducting investigations. If an audio recording is posted, we could all listen and come to our own conclusions.

  2. I thought they had until Tuesday to decide. That would be better anyway since Monday is when the FBI is to present ita findings on Russian imvolvement.

    1. which is maybe why Monday is more likely – most people’s attention (and the media) will be focused on the Russian-connection hearing and the ‘Obama wiretap’ allegation from Trump

  3. I see where the Supreme Court denied the petition. It is listed on today’s orders of 3-20-17 as denied. I want to thank the petitioners for doing the right thing, but I feel so devastated because I feel like Russia can just do this in every election going forth. Heaven help America.

    1. Where did you find this info… I have been searching and watching supreme court and have not seen this.. Please let me know.

      1. On the website home page. I believe link says documents. Go to orders 2016 term and look at orders list dated today. I had to scroll thru several pages but under case number it says mandamus denied.

  4. Title:
    In Re Diane Blumstein, et al., Petitioners
    Docketed: January 19, 2017
    Here’s the link:


    ~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Jan 18 2017 Petition for a writ of mandamus filed. (Response due February 21, 2017)
    Feb 17 2017 Waiver of right of respondents Federal Respondents, et al. to respond filed.
    Feb 22 2017 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of March 17, 2017.
    Mar 20 2017 Petition DENIED.

  5. Does this mean that the decision from the lower court stands, and that somebody regarded as having standing could file a similar petition?

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