We are very pleased to draw your attention to an excellent article recently written by Ruben Major reporting on suspicious hacking that was discovered in Arizona well before the primaries.  The article delves into what is known about this hacking with great detail and many embedded news reports that verify the information.  Arizona’s electoral system was definitely hacked before the primary.  If we take this information and make some assumptions that this was not an isolated instance and that there could have been more hacks of different states, what is missing from this report is the speculative but increasingly likely possibility that Trump did not win the Republican nomination—he stole it, with the help of hackers. So hey, Republicans, if the Supreme Court gets all of this information and finds that even the Republican primary results were impacted by hackers in favor of Trump, how would you feel then about doing a complete Revote?

Russian Hacking in Arizona Likely Occurred Before Primary

by Ruben Major, March 2, 2017

This article is part of a larger study which I am currently working on related to issues potentially pointing to hacking throughout the country. Arizona’s 2016 election was wrought with controversy, including Russian hacking, claims of people kicked off the voter rolls, and lawmaker account hacking.

While I have not gone back prior to 2016, it would not be surprising, based on the identified issues to find more controversy. One of the things I find particularly interesting is the fact that the Arizona hacking issue probably did not begin in June, but much earlier.

Identification of characteristics of tampering with the voter registration database occurred in early March during primary voting. With no warning indicators, it became instantly salient the magnitude of problems which could be caused by people kicked off the rolls. There has yet to be any reasonable explanation for the voter registration tampering which has disenfranchised minorities on a large scale and my hypothesis would be that Russian hacking began prior to the primary — the reasons for which, shall be detailed below.

Accounting of Issues

On March 22, 2016, Arizona held its Primary Election and almost immediately, numerous reports began coming in about voters who were unable to vote without using a provisional ballot because they had their party switched to “no party preference.” Because of the subsequent history of Arizona election system hacking, it is highly likely the voter registration systems were penetrated and altered.

On March 26, 2016, a report on an anonymous blog posting demonstrated how the Arizona Primary Election was hacked.

Subsequently, Arizona Secretary of State, Michelle Reagan gave testimony accepting that there had been alterations of both Republican and Democrat party affiliations — where they were changed to “No Party Preference.” Her testimony appeared genuinely concerned, shocked, and heartfelt. The results were truly disturbing.

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3 thoughts on “Guess what? Trump may have stolen the Republican primary win!

  1. I’ve been trying hard to get voters to focus on this issue called interstate crosscheck where people are illegally removed from the ballot. Go to trumpstoleit.org and watch The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and learn all about it. An investigative reporter called Greg Palast has been investing his time since the year 2000 when Bush stole Gore’s vote on this very issue and he needs your help and support to get something done, but first you need to know how the Republicans stole the vote. Go to the link above. The ending will make you cry.

  2. The Georgia voter database was also hacked about 10 days ago and the hacker making off with millions of voter information files. Why is this important? Jon Ossoff is the Democratic running for the Georgia seat trying to help turn the State blue.
    I hope people are choosing NOT to use voting machines from this moment forward.
    Wi-Fi devices can and will be hacked at some point even though most election official will tell you they can’t be. There is also no paper trail for the electronic votes. Do you trust a machine to carry out your intensive vote when we know it is possible that not only gerrymandering is at work in almost every red state and then the voting database has already been hacked.
    Choose a paper ballot and drop it off, your online status will show how you voted in most states.

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