Dworkin releases corroborating report for #RussiaGate allegations

Have you been hearing about the Intelligence allegations compiled about Donal Trump and his relations with Russia by British former MI6 agent, Chistopher Steele, known as the Trump-Russia “Dossier”?  Did you know that the dossier research was initially funded “by Republicans who did not want Trump to be the Republican Party nominee for president as part of opposition research during the 2016 United States presidential election.  After Trump won the primaries, a Democratic client took over the funding; and, following Trump’s election, Steele continued working on the report pro bono” (from Wikipedia).

When the dossier was first released to the public, the allegations were so inflammatory, Steele was forced to go into hiding.  U.S. Government officials, the intelligence community and the media declined to accept the allegations and, in their public comments, stressed that accusations in the dossier had not been verified. Most experts treated the dossier with skepticism and caution. Trump, of course, denounced the report, calling it “fake news” and “phony.” The Russian government also dismissed the dossier, saying its allegations were false.  Incredibly, because Trump himself dismissed it, he thinks that means none of his supporters will believe it.

Unfortunately, as more time passes, much additional information has come out through the work of an army of researchers, investigators and reporters, who’ve spent time digging into older articles and more obscure reports published in other countries and have been slowly corroborating aspects of the dossier.  Want to know how much of the allegations have been confirmed?  As an estimate, probably as much as 75 or 80%!  One the most prolific and relentless of these researchers is Scott Dworkin.  Here’s his report on what has been confirmed by the news media to date.  It turns out, there is quite a lot.  You can click on both of the images to retrieve the underlying PDF reports.




The virtues of Twitter

We want to give a shout-out to Scott Dworkin, also known as @funder, for his commanding presence on Twitter.  Dworkin has been front and center in the democratic party politics for quite a while now, but after the 2016 elections, he has really made a name for himself through his work as a part of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump (@TheDemCoalition), which has worked non-stop at exposing Trump’s illegal activities.

Note to our readers:  If you are not on Twitter, there is probably no better reason to join Twitter than as a way to closely follow breaking news about #RussiaGate, the looming scandal that links Trump with Russian hacking of the U.S. 2016 election.  This is a central element of our case before the Supreme Court, which demands that Trump’s treasonous conspiring with a foreign power, namely Russian, to undermine our democracy not be punished with mere impeachment—but that all ill-gotten election gains be thrown out.  It is the work of people like Christopher Steele, Louise Mensch, Kurt Eichenwald and David Farenholt, as well as the further “connecting of dots”  by folks like Scott Dworkin, who uses #trumprussia, #russiagate and a number of other “hashtags,” along with many other great reporters, researchers and investigators who have been leading the charge in closely detailing and revealing many of the subtle facets connecting Trump with Russian agents, Putin, the Russian mafia and more.  For your benefit, and at the request of several of those who have contacted us, we provide a partial listing of those we think are doing amazing original work (not simply retweeting) showing Trump’s complicity with #RussiaGate.  If you have more names, please suggest them in the comments and we will check them out!

Twitter users to follow for fast-moving news about #RussiaGate:

Alex Mohajer @AlexMohajer
AM Joy w/Joy Reid‏ @amjoyshow
Bradd Jaffy @BraddJaffy
Christopher Hayes @chrislhayes
David Frum @davidfrum
David Yankovich @DavidYankovich
Eric Garland‏ @ericgarland
Evan McMullin @Evan_McMullin
Elliott Lusztig @ezlusztig
Scott Dworkin‏ @funder
Isaac Dovere @IsaacDovere
Jake Tapper‏ @jaketapper
Katy Tur @KatyTurNBC
Keith Olbermann @KeithOlbermann

(This is obviously a partial list!  Please recommend additional must-have names to us in the comments.)

Adam Khan‏ @Khanoisseur
Kyle Griffin‏ @kylegriffin1
Kurt Eichenwald @kurteichenwald
Louise Mensch @LouiseMensch
Rachel Maddow MSNBC @maddow
Malcolm Nance‏ @MalcolmNance
Matthew Daly @MatthewDalyWDC
Matthew Rozsa @MatthewRozsa
Andrea Mitchell‏ @mitchellreports
Michael Moore @MMFlint
Dr. Kelly Sennholz @Mtnmd
Norm Eisen @NormEisen
Peter Daou‏ @peterdaou
Shadow Cabinet‏ @ShadowingTrump

2 thoughts on “A “Trump Dossier” / #RussiaGate Update

  1. Have you traced where money goes after it comes to Evraz group. They supply pipes for the pipelines. One of the Russians owner’s wife is often seen with Ivanka. She was at the inauguration. I traced it to a company in Houston. It used to be named Propell. It changed names recently to Pledge Petroleum. The manager worked for Exxon over 20 years. C Brian Boutte. Interesting. Of course it passed thru Cyprus in one of the shell companies too.

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