21 thoughts on “We are on the Supreme Court’s Calendar!

  1. I’ve sent an email to the National League of Women Voters (LWVUS). We are a non-partisan organization but this goes to the absolute core of our mission, voting rights and universal suffrage. Please contact the League’s Washington D.C. office. They are the kind of organization that can issue an Amicus Curiae brief that would hold some weight with the court.
    I’m trying to get the word out to local Leagues to contact LWVUS and ask them to support this.

  2. Donald Trump is using his authority to destroy everything good that has been accomplished over the years of several Presidents…He is tweeting on his personal account to foreign leaders, in some cases making threatening remarks..He has no concept of how our government works, has no knowledge of our constitution & feels that he can do as he pleases, & the laws do not apply to him..He is not capable of handling a crisis in this country..He insites hate & anger in his followers…Our country can not survive if he is not stopped very soon, as in ASAP… Thank you for you time & consideration….

  3. Thank you so much for doing this! We need a redo election starting from the primaries! That’s the only way justice will be served. No justice, no peace!

  4. I am very concerned with the present cabinet in charge of our country. When the real decision maker, Bannon (which I feel trump is his puppet and a lot of what “he” says since he doesn’t have the knowledge nor brain power to think all these horrible things up himself and relies on a neo-nazi, alt-right supporter praised by the KKK) says: “War between the US and China and major Mid-East conflix is on the way”. Is this their agenda? To bring us into war…………..and with China!
    His personal interests aren’t blurred lines, they are definitive, blatantly ignoring them and mixing up his personal interests (and his daughter’s) as acting president! And when in history did we never see a candidate’s tax returns. How can he keep ignoring the law and get away with it??!

  5. February 21 is my birthday and I hope to celebrate it with good news from the Court! We need to put an end to the awful things that trump and Pence are creating in this country!

  6. It surely would be nice to see Trump and his whole cabinet go.With Bannon behind the scenes giving his orders and Trump following everything to the T without reading anything but just signing he surely is putting the USA and the whole world in harms way, it’s time to let him go.America must move forward not backwards. Its not well understood how it is that he and his cabinet keep getting away with all sorts of ignoring the law and doing what ever they feel like.Not acceptable.

    1. Your assertion of confusion r/t how this so-called administration continues to be allowed to function as it is, is the feeling of the majority of the country. We need to focus on the security of the country and with the tweeting, phone calls on unsecured lines, the “leaky” ship that is not even a united front, and Prez Bannon leading the country, our national security is in jeopardy.
      We need knowledgeable, dedicated, Americans who put US first, rather than self promotion as job one!
      We need transparency rather than Alternative Facts.
      We need a President that WE elected, not a figure head being CONTROLLED by a new-nazi who is self promoting his agenda.
      We need a President who thinks first then speaks, not speaking or tweeting on the fly.
      We need to feel secure with the leaders in the WH.
      We need an answer to this TRUMPLETHINSKIN +TAXES/Putin*Hacking,= ??? That’s where it all will come together IMHO.

  7. Thank you! For your perseverance, courage, forethought and for givng us a little glimmer of hope in these awful days of internal trumoil created by the election of a pawn of an enemy. I have read the Writ and the dossier and they are very disheartening. Our country has been hijacked and the judiciary of our country is all that is left to save us since the Congress is run by those either afraid or too spineless to act for what they know is right.

  8. Thank you for all of the hard work in getting this matterbefore the Supreme Court. The evidence is overwhelming. The Pope is speaking out against his ideals. We need to remove Trump from office due to cheating and lying his way in.

    1. The US needs a president who will promote unity, not division; love, not hate. With Russian intrusion into national election, we need to redo our election for POTUS in the name of freedom.

  9. The law is not a boundary for this man Trump. He has no shame, compassion or moral barometer. The fear and anxiety this president has bestowed on this nation is unconscionable. He has take our rights to peace, rights to mission, rights to freedom, casing doubt and fear among our population that we can not understand.

  10. I just read an article that may lend additional fuel to the Russian interference information. The article is written by John Schindler, a security expert and former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer. Here is a link to the article.

    I have voted in every election since 1972, and I have never seen anything like this. For the sake of our country and our allies, I hope the Supreme Court agrees to hear your case and rules in your favor.

    1. Thanks for this reference link. We have recently re-posted Mr. Mohajer’s articles on our site with his permission because they were so relevant.

  11. The Ghastly amount of information out there when you put together, publically accessible documents! It shows that we rely on our country to do too much. The Supreme Court is the only place to hear this because Hamilton’s (smash the glass in case of emergency) electors did not think for themselves. It should not have been certified in Congress.

    Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and Jason Chaffetz KNEW about this before the election, and instead of going with what the president asked that the democrats and republicans inform the public in a bipartisan way, they said no, and they threatened to make it a non-issue by tossing it aside as partisan.

    So a month in and the only people who have suffered for lacking integrity . or care of the electoral is The Us, most other countries, our environment, endangered species. BUT even WORSE is that because of their silence, Ryan is pushing through his agenda, Mitch McConnell is getting a SCOTUS pick, and confirming the bottom of the barrel cabinet oh and one of them happens to be his wife. Anyone else thinks that Mitch McConnell should sit this one out like Jeff Sessions should (but honestly he could be headed toward jail as well) This month has played very well towards this Writ.

  12. People who have donated and promoted this idea deserve an update. Even if it is an incomplete one. Others I shared this content with have suggested you are just conning people out of money. Please provide an update as to what happened yesterday at court or risk losing support. Thanks.

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