8 thoughts on “Revote 2017 Update as of February 14, 2017

  1. Keep pushing forward with it! Save us from Trump and let’s get a new election starting all over from the primaries!

  2. Thank you for all you have done in trying to reverse this catastrophe of an election! If the court does not take up this cause, there is something rotten in the USA! You all are awesome! We need a fair solution soon.

  3. Call me skeptical.. Why you say? because after the 2000 election fiasco and the resulting Iraq war many groups popped up using the internet promising legal actions and impeachment of George W. Bush. All asking for donations $$$ and you see where that got us. where does the left over money goes?.
    Don’t get me wrong I’m appalled at whats happening to our Country and Democracy! and I’m not alone just look at all the demonstrations. what your plan “B” if the Supreme Court doesn’t rule in our favor? ?
    Trump lost the popular vote by Millions and Millions of Americans are ready to protest this RIGGED ELECTION! all is needed is just ONE of the many so called groups claiming to do something about it, TO JUST ORGANIZE A MASSIVE PROTEST! to SHUT down WASHINGTON until we get a RE-VOTE and immediate removal of this Russian FAKE PRESIDENT

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