Welcome! We are consolidating our campaign information and conforming our campaign identity at “Revote2017.org.”  We know that we previously had information posted under too many different names (primarily at ReturntheVote.com and Revote.info) and no identifiable logo.  So, with the help of some new volunteers, we finally have had the bandwidth to make it easier on those seeking to follow our campaign and put it all together here and on our new Facebook Page, with our new logo!  Additionally, we have a new campaign Twitter account @Revote2017 (this is our fixed Twitter account, and we just discontinued using @2017Revote) and a Go Fund Me page, which we hope you will visit, if you wish to support this effort with some funds!  Lastly, we have a new email address just for this campaign, which is Revote2017@gmail.com.  Be sure to look for our logo (with the famous sunglasses)!

Note:  Everyone, please disregard this older site (revote.info) and just use this one going forward.

13 thoughts on “We are now consolidated at Revote2017.org

  1. The problem is, no one ever takes that guy at his word. Maybe you should . . . and add him as a plaintiff, since he is convinced that there were 3 million illegal votes for Hillary. How could he refuse when he’s being shown that he’s being listened to?

    I’ve been wanting to contribute to an annulment group, but didn’t know which one was the most legit.
    If it is decided trump is unfit to be president, the American people shouldn’t be left with his unfit choices!
    Everything must rollback to Obama’s last day.

  3. SoGLADthisWasDone! HaveBeenScreamingIntoTheTwittersphereAllTheSameThings FeelingUtterlyImpotent&Helpless4MONTHS! WhenALLtheCalls/RT/ALL I CAN DOSTOPPED ANYofThe#SewerCabinet picksEvenDeVosAfterMASSIVEnegAgainst herIreallyFeltLikeGiving up! JustPRAYINGthisACTUALLYbearsFruit. I’mAMedicallyRetiredNurseWithCrushedSpineNearCompletelyBedBoundFor11yrsNow (62)doingMyMarchingByTweets /DoingAllIcan2EndTreasonousTyranicalIllegitimateReignOfTerribleTrump&hisCastOfHORRORS! GOTinfo2MultCelebs&Journos2SPREADtheNEWSfar&WIDE! KEEPupTheAWESOMEworkUrTrulyUNITINGusallOnceAgain! TakeCare&R PrayersReverWithUall&UrEffortsOnRbehalf.

  4. Thank you for doing what l didn’t Know How. Trump is truly Unfit,lier,and has know idea what he is doing! I believe he is being blackmailed by Russia/Putin! I voted for Hillary Clinton but am unsure if she wants to continue in politics;can’t say l blame her if it’s true!?
    Please keep me updated as to how things are going!
    Trump and probably most of the Cabinet should be charged with Treason, Tax evation,with a jail sentence because of “high flight risk with so much money. Not allowed to pay bail!!

  5. These folks that pulled off getting 16-907 to SCOTUS are remarkable HEROES regardless ofoutcome. They deserved more attention than received.

  6. I am in complete awe of your astonishing dedication and work to have gotten this effort so very, very far.
    I have only spent a few days time on A PETITION FOR A NEW AMERICAN
    ELECTION- with TEETH! It uses some of the words of The Declaration
    and proposes, promises action to force it to happen.
    I have sent it to Daily Kos, Our Revolution, Mother Jones, People for the
    American Way, Center for Reproductive Rights, and Democracy for
    America last Friday. It’s going out to Demos and NY ACLU tomorrow.
    My wish is to see it published online and in as many newspapers as possible in order for the majority, which we are, to demonstrate our
    determination and POWER. Ringingly and conspicuously.
    Please advise me! I am not confident I will reach anyone.
    With deep admiration,
    Madelynn Gingold

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