We are counting down the last few days before the date that our case is scheduled for conference at the Supreme Court. Thank you to members of the team who put together a creative video montage about our case at the Supreme Court and our effort to save our democracy. Please click the image to get to the video.

3 thoughts on “March 17 Video montage about our case

  1. Russian involvement in our election is unacceptable at any level. If our Intelligence Community has proof of their interference in the election, the election must be void. If Trump colluded with Russia he must be impeached, tried and arrested for treason.

    Russian interference may continue in our elections this year, if not stopped.

  2. I have come to believe that you are America’s best hope for peace next year, by getting a Special Master this year, to investigate the cyber invasions, and conflicts of interest. More than 50% of our GNP relies on connectivity and automation.

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