We are excited to announce that there is a conference now scheduled for March 17th at the Supreme Court.  We will post more details regarding what this means for us and what we will need to do to prepare for that conference as soon as possible!  It appears that the respondents on the case filed a Waiver of their right to respond. Update: We’ve learned that this is an administrative session just for the Justices and does not imply anything relative to the merits of our case. We and our attorneys will not be present.

Here is a screenshot of the Court’s Calendar:

In other news, late last week but before the deadline, we succeeded in filing an additional motion with the court.  This was a motion requesting that the court assign a Special Master to conduct the investigation of the Russian Interference with the election, since many Congress member currently seated were beneficiaries of the interference.  Here is a letter from our attorney to the public regarding the Motion:


February 19, 2017

TEL: 317.252.4800
EMAIL: marksmall2001@yahoo.com

Re: Blumstein, et al. v. Pence, et al. Docket Number: 16-907

I represent Diane Blumstein, Nancy Goodman, and Donna Soodalter-Toman, Petitioners in a case they filed before the United States Supreme Court. The relief they seek is a new election of the offices of President, Vice President, United States Senate, and United States House of Representatives decided in November, 2016.

In 1787, the Framers of the Constitution imagined various means by which a tyrant, a foreign power, or mobs could take over our government. The Framers obviously did not cast their votes by electronic means. They could not have foreseen an additional means by which a foreign power could take over our government—hacking of computer programs. The Framers understood the concept of “invasion,” and in Article IV, Section 4, provided the government owes a duty to protect us from foreign invasion. The Constitution addresses the imperfections of human beings. In Federalist Number 51, James Madison described how the separation of powers of the branches of the government is necessary to protect us from despotism.

Today, evidence indicates the dictator of Russia illegally influenced the election of the President and the Vice President, as well as races for seats in the Congress. Neither the executive branch nor the legislative branch can investigate, without conflict, Russia’s cyber invasion as members of those branches benefitted from such an invasion if it occurred. Madison saw the judicial branch as the only branch able to resolve such matters.

On Friday, February 17, we filed a motion in which we ask the Supreme Court to appoint a Special Master, a role created under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, to investigate the 2016 elections. If the elections were stolen from the American people, the relief we would seek would include new elections of all Federal offices that were on the ballot in 2016. My clients are the people who were courageous enough to raise this challenge. Others might attempt, through peaceful means as contemplated by the Framers, other avenues to challenge the election results. No one else should be mistaken, however, for Diane Blumstein, Nancy Goodman, and Donna Soodalter-Toman as the brave people who challenged the election via this Court action.

Any inquiries may be directed to my office number or e-mail.

/s Mark Small.
Mark Small

51 thoughts on “Our case now scheduled for “conference” on March 17th

    1. I am so appreciative of the decision that these individuals made to pursue this. Their actions remind me that, as Americans, it isn’t just our right to question our leaders, it is our responsibility. My family members and friends continue to do everything in our power to support efforts like the one that these brave Americans have initiated. God bless you all, and God bless America!

  1. Will it be blocked? and by whom? Is there a way to make sure it gets through? We really need to have a re vote and add the third party people as well as Sanders included in the race..

      1. no – Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the name you should be thinking of. DNC tampering and the media pandering to HRC and it’s obvious nature of it caused this. Had everyone gotten their fair shake in the primaries and had HRC won them without any scandal (true or not) this would have been a lot different…

    1. Green Party, Stein, was at the same dinner table with Vladimir Putin and Mike Flynn. The same dinner that Flynn was questioned about. Stein may also have been a diversion plot by Putin

  2. This is great news and the potential impact goes beyond words. I have a feeling that some day in the future, this case will be viewed as the staler instance of popular democracy at work.

  3. Thank you so much for all your efforts. Let justice prevail! So much damage control is needed after the onslaught #45 has done to our country, our democracy, & relationships we have with the rest of the nation. I pray this will go through!

  4. Congratulations and THANK YOU for doing this for us!!! Willing to help in any way, just let us know. Been posting to social media with links to the petitions (in case you will be using them as evidence of public support).

  5. IMHO – the primaries were a test ground where the vote was similarly manipulated away from Bernie and to Hillary. These stolen primaries should also be re-run.

    1. Our petition seeks to nullify election outcomes to the extent that there was foreign or illegal interference in them. We are not taking a stand relative to any candidate, just demanding a fair electoral outcome.

      1. Team Revote2017 is protecting the public good, the sanctity of America’s free & fair elections from a cyber attack by an “unfriendly” foreign nation conducted to corrupt and subvert the outcome.

    1. I applaud these heroes! I would suggest calling various news organizations to ask them bring the story to the public. It appears to be MIA. There is no way to lobby the Supreme Court (calls or letters are not entertained), short of a massive rally on the steps of the court to let them know the People are watching and feel disenfranchised because of the 2016 election.

  6. Tell us how we can help. Petitions, protests, you name it. Over half of America wants to sign on. There is a lot of evidence coming out – see Scott Dworkin on Twitter. Repubs want to impeach, but that is not right. They still benefit from this coup that they had prior knowledge of. We should settle for nothing less than a new election with only paper ballots

  7. Thanks to everyone involved. I also want to put a notice out to everyone who may not be aware of what’s happening on twitter. There seems to be several trolls trying to discredit revote2017 by saying it’s a scam. Here are some user names I’ve gathered so far: @Orly_licious @CitizensFedUp @ActOfDog2 Here’s a tip I use: I check out Revote2017 in the search bar to see who may be posting anything about a scam then I block them so they don’t harass me. All of the sites that are connected with revote2017 as well as various news articles doesn’t lead me to believe this is a scam. I donated what I could afford with my eyes wide open knowing this has only a slim chance of succeeding. This is no different than those who buy a lottery ticket, only this is a bigger stake for saving our democracy.

  8. I wish all citizens who agree could be included as petitioners on the case. I’m hoping against the odds this will be allowed to proceed as it is the best and most appropriate resolution. Also, can the recent admission of Russia to using cyber attacks as part of their military strategy be used as evidence? Everything stated as the motives and goals by the Kremlin fit exactly to what is happening in our country.

  9. I just read that the Supreme Court has actually denied your case and that the conference is just a formality to dismiss it. I am praying with all my heart that what I am reading is wrong, because I believe that this is our only hope of getting democracy back. If you can, can you please comment on what is happening at the conference on March 17th?

    1. Laurel, thanks for your concern. We think you are referring to a “Fact Check” article just published by Bill Palmer of the Palmer Report. He consulted with a number of attorneys to arrive at a very different understanding of the Supreme Court’s process than that arrived at by Snopes, which came to the conclusion that the “conference” process provides actual vetting of cases, contrary to what Palmer wrote. Snopes quoted the following: “Every petition that is docketed at the U.S. Supreme Court, and remains on the docket, will eventually be distributed for a conference, usually held on a Friday. The date of the conference depends upon whether or not the Court is in session, in recess or on vacation. (There were 39 conferences during the 2011 Term.) Does this mean the Court will discuss each petition distributed during their conference? Absolutely not! Although this is a very closely guarded secret, I would estimate that, at best, only 20-25% of the petitions distributed for a given conference are actually discussed during that conference and few, if any, of those discussed, are granted. Those which aren’t discussed, become automatically denied.” The Snopes assessment and this description conform with our understanding as well, which means that our petition still has a chance, however slight. (See the Snopes review here: http://www.snopes.com/scouts-nullify-the-2016-election/)

  10. From personal experience with Bill Palmer, the Palmer Report and Newsbin – he is resistant to any criticism or concern for being objective or factual. Once he puts something on paper it becomes his own gospel. He is great at putting up arresting headlines, that too often mischaracterize the material substance of facts of the controlling issues of the content he runs from other sources, and often the only links that work, links supposedly to back up his information, are his links to PayPal. His primary posture whenever informed of something he either did not take the trouble to properly understand or to objectively explain or comment on – is to retreat to denial and avoidance, clinging to defending the indefensible. Further he often does not know enough about what he thinks he knows and knows nothing about what he does know which is evidence of a closed mind not open to profiting from mistakes or learning something new. After a lengthy messaging on Face Book about a simple observation on one of his pieces, and from trying to establish a dialogue of mutual understanding he finally resorted to name calling to avoid the fact that the author of the piece he ran blew it. So this was not about a piece Palmer wrote but his colleague in yellow dog national inquirer headlines. Both individuals reacted with profound insecurities, and both then resorted to attacking me, which was childish – but a window into their lack of concern for facts and truth. I blocked and unfriended Palmer. I don’t need an anonymous fact checker, or some slanted person on snopes to smell crap at this point in my life. So we all know there are people about seeking attention, seeking to somehow survive financially by writing for social media without a rigid concern to objectively create factually informed public opinion. And this also applies to the concentrated power of the cross owned media outlets, 90% are now owned by 6 sociopathic greedy individuals. Palmer is not alone, but if you spend the time I have to get that Palmer is only interested in Pay Pal you will block his unreliable opinions and content as I have. http://www.the5thestate.net // http://www.howwegotswindled.com // http://www.huffingtonpost.com/henry-schoenberger The last thing we need is more unreliable BS considering the path we have been stuck on by Trump et al toward fascism. Facts Matter. And being a partisan for Truth matters.

  11. Finally something positive or hopeful. The Justice of the Supreme Courts I hope have not been bought and that they will be open to listening to the evidence and will come to the same conclusion the American people have come to since day 1.

  12. I am hoping and praying this happens. I learned something today that made me think of 45. You cannot trust a man whose loyalty is for sale. PLease make this happen. And thank you for your efforts to save our republic.

  13. I voted for my President and Vice President ,and this is not going to be okay with us voters who are supporters. I will share this message of facts only that we supporters also show up and support are president Donald Trump, and Mike Pence.

    1. hkh, we agree, especially in light of the fact that the Russian hacking seems to have been a factor even in the Republican primary selection of Trump as their candidate. Maybe this fact will get Republicans to recognize that even they were scammed by Trump colluding with the Russians against their front-runner candidates and make them more inclined to re-run the whole thing from the primary election (http://revote2017.org/trump-may-have-stolen-republican-primary-win/).

  14. Hi Brave Warriors! Wondering where to find up-to-the-minute info on what is going on. Checked Twitter, FB, looked for love SCOTUS info and here. Will you please let me/us know the best place to “Watch” for the “Watch Party”?

    Thank you – your biggest fan, Kim Indivisible

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