Podcast of Conversation with Occupy Democrats We are pleased to post a link to the podcast of a conversation between members of the Revote 2017 team, their attorney and Occupy […]

Are you okay with a Russian take-over of our government? We don’t know what else explains the deconstruction going on throughout our government, from the State Department to the EPA.  […]

Pending before the United State Supreme Court is Blumstein v Pence in which three brave citizens seek appointment of what is called a Special Master to investigate whether cyber attacks […]

We are excited to announce that there is a conference now scheduled for March 17th at the Supreme Court.  We will post more details regarding what this means for us […]

Welcome! We are consolidating our campaign information and conforming our campaign identity at “Revote2017.org.”  We know that we previously had information posted under too many different names (primarily at ReturntheVote.com […]

[Reposted with permission from Alex Mohajer] The Legitimate President  By Alex Mohajer, Contributor at Huffington Post, originally published 1/15/17 The evidence is clear. Courts must use the broad discretionary powers […]