We are now Revote2017.org!

Revote 2017  is a grassroots group of women and men from across the Country, who are passionate about protecting our sacred American Democracy and therefore outraged by the abuses exacted on our 2016 Election.  We are working to have the 2016 election declared “unconstitutional” and the results set aside through a Writ of Mandamus at the Supreme Court.

Longer term (and we believe this will be a longer fight) we will seek to support democratic ideals and voter reforms designed to prevent the electoral abuses that we saw in 2016 from happening again.  We will do this through research and education, protest events and civic actions, petitions, phone-bank and letter-writing campaigns and, when appropriate, civil actions.

​Many of us were strangers when this began. We have been working hard on this, neglecting our jobs and our families too much and staying up way too late. But we are doing this because we believe it is RIGHT!  All participation has been voluntary and we have been fronting our own costs for months.  Unfortunately, we are also a group with limited legal or financial resources, so we started a Go Fund Me site to help cover the increasing legal costs.  We are a David fighting a very big Goliath.

What we’ve done

With counsel from a number of attorneys we put together a Writ of Mandamus to petition the courts to nullify the results of the 2016 Election on the basis of our government’s failure to protect the election from interference from “foreign or domestic” enemies.

What we were told

We were told that we would not be able to formulate a plan and get the writ to court.  We did.

We were told the Federal Courts would not hear our Writ.  They did.

We were told we could not get it to the Supreme Court. We did.

We were told we could not get it heard by a Justice. We did.

And our Writ and other motions are now on the SCOTUS docket!

Our group is growing. As of the launch of this site, we have had thousands of hits and over 700 people sign up to lend support, as well as hundreds who have donated. The outcries to Nullify and Void this Election and call for a REVOTE later in 2017 are growing.  Please join us!

YES WE CAN!  But we need your support!

Plaintiffs Diane, Nancy and Donna with thanks to everyone supporting us, including Kelly, Kirstin, Kirsten, Ruben, Jan, Robert, Cindy, Helen, Mitchell, Hazel, Karen, Joseph, Ruben, Ruth, Valerie, Lynda, Rosie, Patrice and many, many more!

If you need to reach us quickly, you can do so at Revote2017@gmail.com.  Tweet to us at: @Revote2017 (yes, we are discontinuing @2017Revote because we got our first choice)!  Like our Facebook page here. (Note: We were formerly ReturnTheVote.com, and this site is now forwarding to our new site at Revote2017.org.)

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Please Note:  The website REVOTE.INFO and Jerroll Sanders are no longer associated with the plaintiffs or organizers of this case.  There are events being planned by Ms. Sanders as an individual but we are not involved with those.  Please see the update from the plaintiffs as of February 14, 2017.)